Landscape Lighting


1.) SAFETY: Safe 12 volt current- no shock hazard to humans or animals.

2.) Size: Smaller, more concealable fixtures due to bulb size

3.) FIXTURE SELECTION: More fixture types and styles

4.) LAMP SELECTION: More wattage and beam spread available

5.) LAMP LIFE: PAR36, & MR16, start about 2000 hours average life. 120 volt PAR38 lamp averages 1000 hours life.

6. FLEXIBILITY: Fixtures can be moved easily to meet application needs

7.) COLOR: Better color rendition that standard 120 volt incandescent lamp.

8.) DRAMATIC EFFECT: 12 volt enables lighting of key elements in the landscape- creation focal and comfortable lighting

9.) INSTALLATION: Less costly system installation

10.) ENERGY EFFICIENCY: 12 volt lighting is 50- 60% more efficient than 120 volt lamp sources.